Watching my new favorite movie, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. #shrim (Taken with instagram)


I love sleep because I hate the feeling of being tired, and, sometimes, when emotionally worn out, it’s nice to escape the world for a while. But a lot of the time, I really hate the process of going to sleep, because it’s the surrendering of your thinking, creative and intellectual faculties. I hate saying “Ok, I’m done watching shows, movies and videos, and I’m not going to read any more jokes or articles or another page of a book or comic or graphic novel, and no more thinking, gotta turn that brain off. And no more writing jokes or music or scripts or lyrics, and I don’t want to play any more video games. I’m done consuming and creating art and entertainment, and I’ done thinking.” I hate that. The fact that there will always be another book to read, show to dive into, movie to watch, comedian to love, game to play, joke to write, thought to think, and conversation to have, is both why I hate going to sleep, and also why I will never be at peace with dying. I will never be satisfied with the amount of content I’ve taken in and put out. Nor should I.

Christopher Hitchens: 1949-2011

My favorite author, Christopher Hitchens, died today. He was among my greatest inspirations. When I agreed with him, he made my opinions so much stronger and phrased them better than I ever could.  He spoke with genuine passion, wit, clarity, and fearlessness. When I disagreed with him, I was almost always so glad he was there to improve my arguments by making me think in ways nobody else could. My heart goes out to his family, especially his 18 year old daughter, Antonia.
Read his books and articles. Watch his videos. Think often and honestly. Quit smoking.

1930’s anal, I imagine.

Just because you like something in a book, doesn’t mean you can have the thing you like in the book happen in real life. That’s what crazy people want. I can’t go to the White House with a bunch of Green Lantern comics and go, ‘I want a Green Lantern ring. I saw it in a book I like. Make the thing in the book I like be here, now.’ I would be justifiably tazed if I did that. Nobody would go ‘Hey, we have to respect his beliefs. You know, you’ve gotta respect everybody’s beliefs.’ No you don’t.

Patton Oswalt, on the religious using their scriptures to argue against gay rights.

Asshole Sees Self In Mirror, Takes Picture (Taken with instagram)

She’s right; superstition brings peace, both historically and in modern times!

If you’re sexist, you’re homophobic, or you’re racist, my first wish is that you would change. That’s a good wish, that’s my first wish. I blow out the candle, I’m wishing you could become a better person. But my second wish, and I think I’m serious about this, my first wish is that you’ll change, my second wish is; die! I’m 100% serious about it. In your sleep, die. You are worthless to this society. I would rather you die than you inflict your pain on someone else.

Todd Glass

Rejected alternate headline from the Fox News writer’s room: Negros Burn the Flesh of Dead Cattle and Swine in Bizarre Tribal Ritual. (Taken with instagram)