I love sleep because I hate the feeling of being tired, and, sometimes, when emotionally worn out, it’s nice to escape the world for a while. But a lot of the time, I really hate the process of going to sleep, because it’s the surrendering of your thinking, creative and intellectual faculties. I hate saying “Ok, I’m done watching shows, movies and videos, and I’m not going to read any more jokes or articles or another page of a book or comic or graphic novel, and no more thinking, gotta turn that brain off. And no more writing jokes or music or scripts or lyrics, and I don’t want to play any more video games. I’m done consuming and creating art and entertainment, and I’ done thinking.” I hate that. The fact that there will always be another book to read, show to dive into, movie to watch, comedian to love, game to play, joke to write, thought to think, and conversation to have, is both why I hate going to sleep, and also why I will never be at peace with dying. I will never be satisfied with the amount of content I’ve taken in and put out. Nor should I.

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