I invented new comic book characters

I’m starting a new comic universe. This is what I have so far.

Loone Dorango.
alter ego: Vaccinator
super power: can turn your kids into retards with all but a glance.

Reanson Jeffer.
alter ego: Pejanus
super power: smashes gender

Korrin Millborn.
alter ego: Marxellius and his mischievous Trot.
super power: tricks kids into reading Marx.

Joeseph Roegbbles.
alter ego: Illuminalix Joens.
super power: blows his enemies minds aka making his enemies take the fucking red pill. ex. turns them on to infowars.com.

Jerre Monsantosky.
alter ego: Pesdecider.
super power: makes his enemies (everyone) eat cheaplicious cornbase foodpoison.

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